Surfactants and Sticky Floors

Those environmentally friendly surfactant type cleaners can be less than friendly to your floors.

Surfactants leave residue on surfaces. How much, depends on how much was in the cleaner, to begin with — more does not equal better here. If you’re not using dilution control for your cleaning products, that’s probably why your bus floors are sticky.  There are some cleaning chemistries that leave more residue than others, for example, a quaternary disinfectant used for bio-hazards has incredibly sticky chemistry.  These floors can turn black quickly!

Residue build-up can cause other problems. That sticky film on surfaces is the perfect place for biofilm to grow. According to the CDC, bio-film happens when bacteria sticks together on a surface.

Residue also causes odors to linger. If what’s causing the odor is embedded deep in a sticky film, you better believe it’s going to keep coming back.


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